MGI世界 Image of a Moroccan building and Mohamed Boumesmar's picture for the Country Insight Morocco

NEW 国家的见解 from Mohamed Boumesmar on current trends in the Moroccan accounting market and expectations for the coming year


Mohamed Boumesmar, Partner at member firm Audicis in Casablanca, Morocco, shares important insights...

MGI世界 Graphic elements of Kenya's country insight

Don't miss the latest 国家的见解 from Felix Kimoli talking about recent developments in the Kenya accounting market and the impact of the global pandemic


Felix Kimoli, from MGI Alekim in Nairobi, recently took the time to share news about tax-related...

MGI世界 Abu Dhabi mosque skyline with profile picture and logo

Faiyaaz Rajkotwala of MGI Salim Rajkotwala & Associates talks about the impact of Covid-19 and recent regulatory developments in the UAE


In this Country Insight from United Arab Emirates, Faiyaaz Rajkotwala, Partner at MGI Salim...

MGI世界 Big Ben picture as background with Sarah Jenkins photo, logo and text overlaid

国家的见解: UK - Sarah Jenkins of MGI UK & 爱尔兰 member firm Milsted Langdon talks about current trends in the UK accounting market


In the latest of our Country Insights series, Sarah Jenkins from MGI世界wide CPAAI member firm...

MGI世界 Image of red square turrets with text overlay

Moscow-based MGI世界wide CPAAI member firm DELOVOY PROFIL Group, shares informative insights into the Russian accounting market and the effects of the pandemic on business


For members interested in business in Russia, Daria Perkovskaya, Partner for audit and consulting...

MGI世界 Germany Country Insight cover image

国家的见解: Germany – MGI世界wide CPAAI member firms in Germany share thoughts on the accounting industry and the shift in service demand due to the pandemic


Alexander Leoff, from VOTUM AG; Dr. Michael Grüne, from Menold Bezler; and Thomas Althoff, from RLT...

MGI世界 Profile picture and globe on blue background for Afghanistan Country Insight

国家的见解: Afghanistan - Kabul-based MGI 亚洲 member firm shares insights on the Afghan accounting profession and the benefits of being part of a global network


In this Country Insight, MGI世界wide CPAAI accountancy network member Muhammad Basit, from Ilyas...

MGI世界 Lead image of profile picture and globe on blue background for Korea Country Insight

国家的见解: Korea - Interested to know more about the Korean economy? Young Ham comments on buoyant service areas and how the country is dealing with recent fraud allegations


For MGI世界wide CPAAI accountancy network members with interests in the 亚洲n markets, Young Ham...